BIM Implementation

It consists in implementing BIM (Building Information Modeling), the purpose of this service is to ensure that the project can be handled as a product, integrating all the disciplines required and participants involved in the (AEC) project.

We develop a VDC Model (Virtual Design + Construction) for three-dimensionally scan the project and achieve the 4D-BIM (Time) and 5D-BIM (Cost) analysis of the project.

Preconstrucion Service

Preconstruction service is performed during the planning stage of a construction project; it consists in a project planning and analysis in order to achieve lower losses of key resources (Time and Cost); allowing to add or increase the value for our clients.

Our preconstruction services include:

  • Overall Project Evaluation
  • Site analysis
  • Bid packaging
  • Procurement management
  • Coordination of construction documents
  • Value Engineering (Selection of materials and construction systems)
  • Constructability Review
  • Cost control
  • Scheduling
  • Safety

BIM Consulting and Training

BIM Training

It consists of making a BIM guide and a BIM training method designed to fit the enterprise, project team or client needs.

The training aims to promote BIM practices (Definition of project organization and project roles) combined with the use of available technologies (Computer software, computer equipment, etc.) in order to ensure that the project can be developed as BIM.

BIM Consulting

ConVirtus provides BIM support and advice for projects during the design and construction phase, we work in coordination with the different teams and disciplines involved in the project in order to implement appropriate technological strategies.

The consulting service aims to meet the project objectives in scope, time, cost and quality.

ConVirtus is a leading BIM services, our experience in different types of projects and our specialized multidisciplinary team allows us to provide consultancy and BIM training services.

Our areas of expertise include:


1. Architecture


2. Structure

Mecánico (HVAC)

3. Mechanical (HVAC)


4. Electrical


5. Plumbing

Protección contra incendios

6. Fire protection System


7. Coordination

Creación de contenidos

8. Content creation

Iniciación del proyecto

9. Project initiation

Análisis de la energía

10. Energy analysis

Third party BIM and Model auditing

Service consisting of monitoring and auditing information by third parties BIM models. We analyze the technical integrity, level of development and the accuracy of the model according to the project specifications and client’s requirements in order to obtain reliable information and accurate reports, promoting at all times the quality of the project.

Technical integrity
Development level (LOD)
Model accuracy
Project specifications and customer requirements.
BIM Management

Consists in the management and supervision of the BIM Model solved by third parties, BIM Management services include the following tasks:

  • Model Auditing
  • Model updates “As Built”
  • Creation of BIM Model documentation (Floor plans, sections, details, etc.)
  • BIM Standards
  • Integration and multidisciplinary coordination
  • Clash Analysis